Improve your social media strategy with Semrush

by luigi laezza | 5th October 2020 | Trending | SEO, SEM
I have recently discovered SEM a web application that offers a powerful interface to track your social media behavior and understand your audience.

With this tool, you’ll be able to:
  • See which brands in your industry have the biggest audiences and engagement rates
  • Analyze trends in your competitor’s posting habits
  • Read what the people and brands in your industry are talking about
  • Identify influencers that mention your brand or your competitors on Twitter
  • Discover the top hashtags used on Facebook and Twitter by your competitors
  • Understand where your brand stands among the competition
From the first day of use, I have realized how powerful this tool can be, at a glance I can get an overview of how my company is going on the web and quickly find opportunities.