Coworking in Amsterdam

by luigi laezza | 5th October 2020 | Coworking | amsterdam, bouncespace, coworking
I love Amsterdam, I consider the city my second home. I had the opportunity to work an life there for 4 years and I left plenty of memory, friends, and family.

Amsterdam is well known to be the city of sins with the red light, coffee shops, and vibrant night life.

What many might not know is that the city of Amsterdam is also a very highly active city, full of people living and working there and where many tech companies have their headquarters like Catawiki and Elastic, to mention a couple.

Working in Amsterdam is great,  it is a melting pot of people coming from all over the world and the dutch really knows how to make you feel at home.

Also, the freelance and contractors community is pretty big, and during my last stay in the city, i decided to visit a very nice coworking space, Bouncespace

Although they don’t really do walk in, I have been nicely welcomed by one of the staff members and I have been offered to work in their space as a “Koningsdag” (King’s day) present.

At the bottom floor there is a coiffeuse, a tattoo shop, and a nice caffè, I must say the coffee tasted very good.

Even if at the beginning it was strange to see someone cutting hair near another sipping a cappuccino, in the end, I was quite amused by it, and by the human interactions.

Climbing a set of stairs I could reach the first floor, which had a phone booth, an informal table where people were working the main working space, and a secondary, very quiet room, where I have been given a seat.

I loved the silence of the room, perfect to concentrate on the tasks of the day.

If you live in Amsterdam and you are looking for a nice space to concentrate, have a great coffee, and why not a tattoo, I highly suggest visiting Bouncespace.