GraphQl and Laravel translatable

In one of our latest custom made web application, we have been decided to give a try to GraphQl, one of the greatest advantages for us is that the client application can send a GraphQL query to get exactly what it needs, which makes development faster and cooperation with client application developers way easier. GraphQL is a query language for APIs and a runtime for fulfilling those queries with your existing data. GraphQL provides a complete and understandable description of the data in your API, gives clients the power to ask for exactly what they need and nothing more, makes …

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Test and deploy Laravel applications with GitLab CI/CD and Envoy

Recently we decided to move some of our projects to  GitLab  especially because we are attracted by the plans and all in one solution that it offers. We were particularly interested into  CI/DC for testing and continuous deployment on our DitigitalOcean droplets. Looking into the numerous resources, we have found this article that explain very clearly how to deploy a Laravel Any application using GitLab CI/DC and Laravel Envoy. We now use it for 2 of our projects and counting to add more of them. Below I report the article but I suggest you to visit GitLab website for the …

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DevFest Campania 2017

Anche quest’anno GDG Campania torna con il piu’ grande evento Google per appassionati di tecnologia la DevFest 2017! Una ottima possibilità  per ascoltare le ultime novità che  saranno fornite direttamente da Googlers e da esperti del settore! Ci saranno talk su tematiche  Cloud, Android, Deep Learning, Google Assitant e molte altre. L’evento si terrà il 23 e 24 Novembre a Napoli al Circolo Ufficiali di Piazza Plebiscito e come sempre sarà GRATUITO! Per restare aggiornato/a, e poter partecipare all’evento iscriviti ora sulla pagina MeetUp dell’evento. 23 Novembre 15.15 – Keynote; 15.30 – Rino Ragucci: Python e la “data science”; 16.00 – Michel …

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Laracon Online early bird registration is open!

Early bird registration for Laracon Online of February the 7th is open. Laracon Online is a great opportunity to attend one of the most exciting events of the Laravel community without breaking the bank. Early bird tickets are only 12$  and can be purchased here. And the best thing is that you can view all talks after  the conference, as all the conference will be recorded and available on line.      

My Different Idea let’s meet Ivana

We are often helping and assisting Startups, we love it and we decided to share their experiences. We will have a series of Q/A sessions with the founders to inspire “Startuppers to be”, we hope you will find this post helpful. Hi Ivana, tell us a bit about you. Hi, i’m an Italian girl, i’m sporty, sociable and scrappy. I’m graduated in Business Administration and i worked as an artistic gymnastics instructor since ten years. What’s the most important thing you’re working on right now, and how are you making it happen? I’m creating a startup in sport sector, my …

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InvoiceNinja Module: Access

InvoiceNinja is a very interesting invoicing Laravel application that we discovered last year. They have two different versions – hosted and self-hosted. In other words, you can register at and use their online version, paying for premium services, or you can download the code for free (Laravel 5.2) and install it on your server for free. We started with the hosted version, and we loved it, especially our accountant. It is really well made, easy to use, with a slick interface.   It took us few days to master the tool and since than we have been using it everyday. The hosted …

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A list of 24 websites for free images

Today i opened my mailbox and read this post from Typeform I absolutely love their services and to my surprise they were listing 24 websites full of free pics and videos to help finding good images that don’t cost a fortune. So if you are interested in saving some money, follow the link to TypeForm website.  

Analizzare tecniche e strumenti per conquistare nuovi clienti e far crescere la tua attività

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Come migliorare la gestione e la comunicazione del tuo ristorante e aumentare le tue vendite? Vieni a scoprirlo Lunedì 10 Aprile 2017, dalle ore 15.30 alle ore 18,30, al seminario gratuito per Professionisti della Ristorazione presso l’Antisala dei Baroni del Maschio Angioino (Castel Nuovo) a Napoli. Come arrivare: Fermata Municipio, Metro Linea 1 Andremo ad analizzare tecniche e strumenti per conquistare nuovi clienti e far crescere la tua attività. Inoltre, saranno presentati BiplanFood, l’applicazione di business intelligence per il controllo del proprio ristorante e Reguard, l’innovativo strumento di digital marketing “pronto per l’uso”. [/vc_column_text][boc_spacing][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row content_placement=”middle”][vc_column width=”1/4″][vc_single_image image=”24104″][/vc_column][vc_column width=”3/4″][vc_column_text]  Per tutti …

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Building modular JavaScript applications with WebPack

Webpack is a module bundler for modern JavaScript applications. It is incredibly configurable, and it is very easy to get started. Webpack creates a graph of all of your application’s dependencies, once you’ve bundled all of your assets together, it outputs a bundled code following the given configurations. Smashing Magazine recently has released a nice article to get your self on the right track. Click here to get started.

Improve Your Social Media Strategy with SEMrush


I have recently discovered SEM a web application that offers a powerful interface to track your social media behavior and understand your audience. With this tool, you’ll be able to: See which brands in your industry have the biggest audiences and engagement rates Analyze trends in your competitor’s posting habits Read what the people and brands in your industry are talking about Identify influencers that mention your brand or your competitors on Twitter Discover the top hashtags used on Facebook and Twitter by your competitors Understand where your brand stands among the competition From the first day of use, I have realised how …

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Mailtrap with Symfony, testing emails has never been so easy

Today I would like to write about a service that we use daily during development and pre-production, Mailtrap. Mailtrap is a fake SMTP server for development teams to test, view and share emails sent from the development and staging environments without spamming real customers. To set it up is very easy and for 1 inbox is also free. Simply hit the registration page, and head to the default inbox. There you will see the inbox settings that can be used in your project. That’s it! To make your job even easier, Mailtrap has a very useful Integration drop down that …

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