Test and deploy Laravel applications with GitLab CI/CD and Envoy

Recently we decided to move some of our projects to  GitLab  especially because we are attracted by the plans and all in one solution that it offers. We were particularly interested into  CI/DC for testing and continuous deployment on our DitigitalOcean droplets. Looking into the numerous resources, we have found this article that explain very clearly how to deploy a

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Laracon Online early bird registration is open!

Early bird registration for Laracon Online of February the 7th is open. Laracon Online is a great opportunity to attend one of the most exciting events of the Laravel community without breaking the bank. Early bird tickets are only 12$  and can be purchased here. And the best thing is that you can view all talks after  the conference, as

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InvoiceNinja Module: Access

InvoiceNinja is a very interesting invoicing Laravel application that we discovered last year. They have two different versions – hosted and self-hosted. In other words, you can register at invoiceninja.com and use their online version, paying for premium services, or you can download the code for free (Laravel 5.2) and install it on your server for free. We started with the hosted version,

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Mailtrap with Symfony, testing emails has never been so easy

Today I would like to write about a service that we use daily during development and pre-production, Mailtrap. Mailtrap is a fake SMTP server for development teams to test, view and share emails sent from the development and staging environments without spamming real customers. To set it up is very easy and for 1 inbox is also free. Simply hit

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Laravel 5.3 add multi-language functionality

During a recent project, we faced the issue of adding a multi-language functionality to our application. We store our Laravel applications on DigitalOcean, but this tutorial will work basically on any other hosting company. Using Laravel middlewares we found a quite easy and straight forward solution. In this tutorial we will show you how to easily create your own. Add

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Laravel Spark

I am more of a Symfony developer, but I have to admit that this project is pretty cool. Spark is a Laravel package that provides scaffolding for subscription billing, invoices, user management etc. It is a great starting point for most of the projects out there.   Spark has two plans $99 per Site or $299 for unlimited sites and extensive documentation

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