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GraphQL and Laravel translatable

by luigi laezza | 2nd June 2020 | Coding tips

In one of our latest custom made web application, we have been decided to give a try to GraphQl, one of the greatest advantages for us is that the client application can send a GraphQL query to get exactly what it needs, which makes development faster and cooperation with client application developers way easier.

Test and deploy a Laravel application with Gitlab CI/CD and Envoy

by luigi laezza | 3rd June 2020 | Coding tips | continuous, deployment, git

Recently we decided to move some of our projects to GitLab especially because we are attracted by the plans and all in one solution that it offers. We were particularly interested into CI/DC for testing and continuous deployment on our DitigitalOcean droplets. Looking into the numerous resources, we have found this article that explain very clearly how to deploy a Laravel Any application using GitLab CI/DC and Laravel Envoy.